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Fill Us, O God


A new Lenten song from Oddwalk, which Orin will use at the Shrine this year!  Let us know if you’d like the piano/guitar/harmony parts.  Hopefully a simple recording will follow, if Orin has enough time over the next week or so.  For now, enjoy, and consider using the prayer – one of repentance and communal…

And, in fact, we did like it (but not that much).


Here’s an amusing exchange over twitter yesterday, regarding the Shrine’s Youth Day Celebration, where Oddwalk played music, Anne Marie Cribbin emceed/weaver-ed, and Br. Dominic McManus, OP keynoted.  (Because it’s a pic, the usual links don’t work.) Bob Rice chimes in with an observation about the dance which ended the night. You do follow us on…

YSP Pics Are Up


As we mentioned in the last post, Orin is busy this week with the Youth Sing Praise production of Jesus Christ Superstar at the Shrine.  The Shrine staff does a nice job of keeping a daily photo album, and already have a couple of days worth of pictures posted on their website.  You can find…

pOddcast – Gather at the Cross


On Oddwalk’s recent trip to Bermuda to lead retreats, both days of retreats we ended with a closing prayer where we invited the students to gather around a large wooden cross we had found backstage in their theater. We invited the teens to pray, and reflect that while the cross of Christ is heavy, and…