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Oh, St. Joseph


Words by Shannon Cerneka and Orin Johnson
Music: Oh, Susanna (Public Domain)

For years I sat in heaven and nobody bothered me
Paradise was easy lounging for eternity.
Then from out of nowhere came a very strange request
and since the day I answered it, I’ve not had time to rest (it said)

Oh St. Joseph! I implore thy aid
I’m trying to sell my home and I’ve had no luck I’m afraid

I became a salesman, a man of real estate.
Helping people sell their homes was easy for this saint.
then the sellers figured they’d have a better time
If I was buried upside down their chances soon would climb

It’s hard to get your sales up when you can’t see the home.
I’m stuck here in someone’s front yard where worms and gophers roam.
I asked my friend St. Anthony to pull me from the ground,
but he’s been swamped since he became the saint for lost and found.

For years I sat in heaven till they called me down to earth.
Even though I’m busy now, I guess it could be worse.
Some saints have bigger problems I really must admit
For instance Saint Goncalo patron of the teenage zit.

© 2009, GIA Publications, Inc.

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