Oddwalk Ministries

River of Life – Audio & Lyrics



and meet the Master of Seas!
Come feel the flood of forgiveness,
the waters of peace!
Come find the fisher of all;
the one who paid the price!
Come seek the source of salvation,

Our Lord, he calmed the waves, the wind and sea obeyed.
Tho’ storms may rock our world, we need not be afraid.
We come together now to calm those stormy seas;
We gather in the name of Christ and in his peace.

Our Lord, he healed the blind man, making mud from earth,
This man, he saw the light through waters of rebirth.
May we see Christ in ev’ry per-son’s holy face;
Help us to love as you have loved us in your grace.

Our Lord, he said to Simon Peter, “Come and see.
I’ll teach you how to fish if you just follow me.”
Yes, Lord, we look to you, show us the only way.
We leave our lives behind to seek your truth each day.

Our Lord, he brings the many waters into one;
The rivers all unite thru Christ, God’s only son.
And so we’re sent to love and serve in word and deed;
We go forth in the name of Christ and in his peace!

Words and Music by Orin Johnson
©2001, 2015, Orin Johnson