Oddwalk Ministries

For All Time


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka and Orin Johnson

Searching for you I get lost, out in the night,
I feel I’m in darkness cannot find the light.
Help me see that you’re the way, the truth, the life.

In this world around me I feel Satan’s grip:
Greed and pride have sent your people on a power trip.
Jesus, come to me, remind me how to serve.

Jesus, I need you
To reach into my arms
And step into my feet
For all time.
Jesus, I need you
To get inside my head
And move into my heart
For all time.

Every moment is a choice in front of me.
Sometimes I can’t tell just where you’re leading me.
Let me know where you want me at today.

Gifted people I know quite a few,
They can’t see that gift begins in you,
Tell me Lord what I should do to help them see.

© 2004, revisions 2008, GIA Publications, Inc.

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