Oddwalk Ministries

Hope at the Crossroads


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka

Here we are standing out in the road.
We get so tired and often loose sight of our goal.
Here at the crossroads we’re here as a people in need.
A hopeful collection of unworthy mouths to feed.

You are hope at the crossroads.  You are the savior.
Hope at the crossroads.  Send down your spirit.
Hope at the crossroads.  We will say yes, Lord.
Hope at the crossroads.  Let it be done to me.

Young and old joyfully singing your praise.
Thousands of journeys with one common chorus of faith.
You were hope at the crossroads when your people needed a king.
You are hope on the cross, Lord, let your holy anthem ring.

Give us hope, help us be strong again.
You are the promise of life everlasting, Amen.
And out on the road may we bring your goodness to all.
And open their hearts and maybe they’ll hear your call.

© 2001, Shannon Cerneka

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