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Have a Little Faith in Me


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka

“Drop your nets and follow me from now on you’ll be catching men.”
And with those words I knew my Lord was testing me again.
My buddies and my brother had no problem with this call.
But leaving my whole life behind made no sense at all.

“Hey Peter, have a little faith in me.
Hey Peter, when are you gonna believe?
Hey Peter, one day you’ll be called the rock,
and into your judgement I will put my stock
Hey Peter, have a little faith in me.”

We saw his ghost walk on the sea but he told us he was real.
I said “Prove it then by commanding me to come out on the sea.”
“Come!” he said, and I walked ahead but I could not contain my fear.
I began to sink and then he pulled me up and told me through my tears.

One night after dinner our master spoke to us once more.
He said, “Tonight it is written all your faith in me will be shaken to its core.”
“Before I’ll let that happen Jesus I’ll die along with you.”
“Before this night is over Peter, you’ll deny me too.”

“Hey Jesus, have a little faith in me.
Hey Jesus, do you hear what you’re saying to me?
Hey Jesus, long ago I said I’d promise to follow you anywhere you wanted me to
Hey Jesus, have a little faith in me.”

Everyday we have so many chances to stand up for our God.
But everyday we hear that rooster crow.
But still we must stand straight and tall and profess to him our faith.
A faith forever strengthened by the promise that he gave.

© 2001, Shannon Cerneka

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