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Shannon’s Top 15 of 2010


Well, it’s that time of year again.  Time for me to select my top Oddblog posts for each month of 2010.  In a few of the months, it was difficult to pick just one, so I didn’t.  Feel free to praise me, disagree, or offer your own list.  Happy reading!!

While we didn’t blog much in January, this post about how my wife was vowing to update the “Cerneka Family Adventures” blog on more of a regular basis DID produce a funny picture of two of our kids, Madeleine and Noah.


Summoning a bit of inexplicable post-Olympic Canadian pride, this post finds us offering our rendition of “Oh, Canada!”, the national anthem for our friends to the north


During the 2009 National Catholic Youth Conference, which had taken place four months before, Oddwalk had a number of cool liturgical and performance opportunities. The following posts are from two of those moments. “These Are the Chords…” is from when we played a warm-up concert for a Concurrent Session which featured Fr. Tony Ricard. “Bless the Lord, My Soul” is from one of the two daily Masses we played for.

“These Are the Chords…”: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?p=5711
“Bless the Lord, My Soul”: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?p=5743

So…there was only one post in April. Sadly, it was a post about how we hadn’t posted in a while. Enjoy!!


During this month, the National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows (where Orin works) sponsored a retreat led by well-known speaker and author, Joyce Rupp. The following video was shown during that retreat.


In June, the Cernekas headed to the Smokey Mountains for a family vacation. We’re not sure what prompted Noah in this moment. Was it the Holy Spirit? Boredom? Cabin (literally) fever? You decide!


Each year, during the last week of June, The National Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows sponsors a Christian music/theater camp called Youth Sing Praise. While I have helped with it in the past, Orin and his wife Erin get to help ever year. Here is a song from last year’s production of “Moses”.


Picking this month’s post was kind of difficult. On one hand, if I’m thinking with the Oddwalk part of my brain, I would have to choose the release of “Failure”, our collection of NCYC theme song entries which were not selected. If I’m thinking with the personal side of my brain, I would no doubt choose the post about Madeleine’s first day of Kindergarten. I decided to include both posts here. I’m sure I will get in trouble for this.

“Failure”: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?p=6093
Kindergarten: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?p=6159

Chris Weber is an Iowa-based friend of Oddwalk and recent winner of a bet with Shannon concerning the outcome of the Insight Bowl. (Shannon and his Mizzou tigers lost). Chris alerted his twitter followers to this pic, suggesting that it demanded a caption contest. We decided to oblige him.


This month gave us a great example of what love and sacrifice are all about. The man featured in this story is a former neighbor of Orin and Erin.


Two of Oddwalk’s performances in November were featured in news articles. The first comes from our appearance at the Junior High Youth Rally for the Charleston Diocese in South Carolina. The second comes from a concert we did at Holy Childhood Catholic Church in Mascoutah, IL.

Charleston: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?p=6449
Mascoutah: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?p=6472

This month found us in New Orleans, LA for the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry. While there was some amount of work involved, this was mostly a chance to catch up with friends and take advantage of some cool performance opportunities. The following posts feature Orin and I (and my family in one video) dancing, being hams, and playing music.

GregCast and Flash Mob: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?p=6511
Exhibit Hall Stage and YM Extravaganza: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?p=6541

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