Oddwalk Ministries

The Wings Inside Your Heart


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka

It was the day that God had chosen to assign his teams of angels
When he looked down the line and saw her standing there.
He knew that she was special and bound for greater things.
But to do his will would mean to lose her wings.
So she gathered up her courage and with a tear she asked him why.
With eyes of love he held her and said these words.

I need you to be a light for all the world.
I need you to be a source of strength and love
I believe in you and forever remember.
You’ll always have your wings inside your heart.

He reached up to her face and he dried her last few tears.
He kissed her cheek and he sent her on her way.
He knew the road would not be easy and she would struggle with the rest.
But all that God would ask of her is that she would do her best.
God is calling you by name and if your heart is open.
You’ll hear his voice echoing inside.

I’ve made you a promise, but in case you need reminding.
You’re wings are waiting there inside your heart.

© 2001, Shannon Cerneka

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