Oddwalk Ministries

Dance in the Sight of the Lord


Verse 1:
The waiting is over, salvation is here,
Jesus is risen, and heaven is near,
Darkness is gone, and the sun shines bright.
So let’s leave our fears and follow the light!

Dance in the sight of the Lord! Dance in the sight of the Lord!
Shuffle you feet, move your body, wave your hands in the air!
Come on and dance in the sight of the Lord.

Verse 2:
The Lord is ready to take us in,
To welcome us home no matter where we’ve been.
with a love so strong and arms open wide,
God’s house is where we will abide!

Verse 3:
Glory be to the Father, Glory be to the Son
And to the Holy Spirit, our God, Three-in-One.
As it was, is now, and forever will be,
Life in the Lord for eternity.