Oddwalk Ministries

The Cubs Song


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka

You can feel it when you roll into town
along the interstate
A majestic skyline
a magnificant lake
just take your breath away
A greater city could nary be found
and for some a home it makes.
But if I had to live in a town with the Cubs
I don’t think I would stay

Every country, every race
are represented well up there
a blending of cultures where ideas are born
it’s a wonderful atmosphere
But then there’s the Cubbies who don’t seem to fit
in a city where successes abound
It’s a ballclub that’s failed for dozens of years
to bring the World Series to town.

Maybe it’s not very decent of me
I guess I’ve been a little bit cold
After all my mother always told me
not to pick on less fortunate souls
Maybe the Cubs have been labeled unfairly
Maybe they will have their day
You see I’m convinced they’d be much better suited
Playing down in Triple-A.

© 2009, GIA Publications, Inc.