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Failure: it takes a lot of work, sometimes.


Since 1999, Shannon and Orin have been submitting tunes to the NCYC theme song competition held every other year, and each entry, 11 so far, has failed.  There was one glimpse of glory, when Shannon’s “Hope at the Crossroads” achieved finalist status in 2001, but alas, that was as close as we’ve ever gotten.

Truly, we are not bitter about this – all the winners have been great songs!  In fact, we’re more amused by the consistency of our failures than anything.  Shannon pointed out, shortly before trying again in the 2011 competition, that should these entries fail, we’d have enough for a whole CD!

So, that’s what you see here — 11 songs under the tongue-in-cheek title “Failure, it takes a lot of work, sometimes.”  After all, who hasn’t played the expert level of Minesweeper dozens of times, and come so close to success, only to have an incorrect guess after all that hard work ruin it all.  Note too the slightly-revised Oddwalk logo, shedding one single tear, as if to mock our inadequacies.  Shame, shame. Will this be volume one (of many)? Only time will tell!

This is a download-only album – you will not find physical copies of this album for sale anywhere.  And, we are releasing it to you, the failure-deprived public, for the low, low cost of: FREE.  Well, we do have a donation button there, but don’t feel obliged to use it.

Not only can you download the full 11-track album, but each individual track as well, along with copies of the art to go with it, and – try not to jump out of your skin here – scores of each track are available too!  Just find the appropriate link below, and get downloading!

Get them now!  Trace the evolution of Oddwalk song writing, and (sometimes embarrassing) recording technology!  If nothing else, view these files as a service to the Christian Community – lessons in how not to win an NCYC theme song competition!

Failure: it takes a lot of work, sometimes.

Released August, 2010

Download links:

The whole she-bang – all 11 mp3’s, cover art, and scores (zipped, about 67.7MB)

Just the 11 mp3’s (zipped, about 65.9MB)

Just the artwork (zipped, about 906KB)

Just the scores (includes lyrics of course, zipped, about 1MB)

Links to download the individual tracks and/or scores, each zipped:

01 – Gateway (Shannon) (about 7.3MB) | Score

02 – Hope at the Crossroads (Shannon) (about 5.8MB) | Score

03 – River of Life (Shannon) (about 6.8MB) | Score

04 – River of Life (Orin) (about 5.6MB) | Score

05 – Winds of Change (Orin) (about 6.0MB) | Score

06 – Winds of Change (Shannon & Orin) (about 5.1MB) | Score

07 – Discover the Way (Shannon) (about 5.9MB) | Score

08 – Discover the Way (Orin) (about 6.5MB) | Score

09 – Christ Reigns (Orin) (about 6.8MB) | Score

10 – Called to Glory (Orin) about 5.1MB) | Score

11 – Called to Glory (Shannon & Orin) (about 4.3MB) | Score

If you feel any sense of pity or guilt