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Songs We Should Never Record – NCCYM 2014


songsweshouldneverrecordHello everybody! Boy, did we have a blast at NCCYM in San Antonio this past weekend – we hope you did too. We’re happy to make available to our visitors, absolutely free, various versions of our small piece of the Friday Night Youth Ministry Extravaganza, “Songs We Should Never Record.” Many people have asked us about video, audio, or lyrics – and they’re all here!

First, the video:


And, an mp3 you are free to download!
♫ SongsWeShouldNeverRecord.mp3 ♫
(use the pic above for artwork – click to enlarge – if you like!)

And a pdf with all the lyrics and a few of the images from the show: songsweshouldneverrecord.pdf

The mp3 is also out on the pOddcast now, if you are a subscriber!

We also want to add a special word of thanks to our friend Mike Kivett, who penned the words to “There They Go, Lord.” Mike is a great live audio technician, he helped us with our first couple self-produced CDs, and most importantly is an all around good egg. When he heard some our silly stuff we were asking him to record, he shared with us his little creation, and we’re certainly glad he did. Thanks, Mike!

And thanks as well to the NFCYM for a great conference as always, and great NCYCs the other years. See you next fall in Indy!

PS – A couple people have asked us about the lyrics to the “Stand By Your Man” parody we sang as part of the finale of the night. Those words were written by Bob Rice, here they are:

Sometimes its hard to be a pastor,
Caring for all those ministries.
Absolving all those sins, the roof is caving in,
And the youth room needs a 55 inch flat screen high definition TV.

Stand by your man,
Give him an ear to listen.
It’s hard, he’s always giving,
And you are kind of needy.
Stand by your man,
And even if he’s awkward,
Make him look as cool as you can,
Baby! Stand by your man.

“Gather at the Cross” Published by WLP!


Music_Seasons_rdax_152x96Exciting news! A piece written by Orin for the Good Friday adoration of the cross has been published by World Library Publications!  It’s titled “Gather at the Cross” and has been sung for the last few years at the Shrine of Our Lady of the Snows, and now at Sts. Joachim and Ann, where Orin is Director of Music Ministries.  It’s also been featured in a pOddcast here before.

At WLP’s site, you can view sample pages and here a sample of Audio recorded by their in-house folks.

Here’s the page for the piece at WLP: Gather at the Cross

And here’s a direct link to the audio sample: audio
Or, just click the play button below to listen to the audio streaming from WLP’s site right here!


I (Orin) am grateful to begin this relationship with WLP, just as Oddwalk continues in relationship with GIA and the music and recordings we have through them.  Stay tuned – a few more pieces of Orin’s are coming through the pipeline at both GIA and WLP, and we’ll let you know here when they are released.


PS – As part of the piece being published, we’ve had to remove the older audio from our pOddcast – so listen all you want at the link above!

It’s our 10th Oddiversary!

Such Decade


Hello everyone! Today, October 24, 2014, is the 10th anniversary of the very first Oddwalk performance!

As we said on our 5th anniversary, “Whenever Orin and Shannon are asked about Oddwalk’s origins, how we met, etc., we find ourselves using language as if we’re talking about a wedding or a marriage.  While that analogy is certainly more different than it is like, Oddwalk is certainly about relationship and relationships, and it is a day to celebrate just that!”

To celebrate this milestone,  we’ve put together a brief pOddcast from that very first Oddwalk show for the diocese of New Ulm, Minnesota. You can listen to it here, on our pOddcast page, via iTunes, etc.  You’ll here early versions of your favorite Oddwalk songs, snippets of stories, watching the 2014 world series, and a whole lot more!  Maybe you’ll discover, as we did: the more things change the more things stay the same!

Play now: 10th Oddiversary Podcast!

Additionally, on our Facebook page for the last 10 days, we’ve been posting highlights of the last decade – check those out, and “like” us over there!

Thanks for the opportunities, everyone, to travel as much as we have and to offer our talents and services for the building of the Kingdom.  Looking forward to another great 10 years, maybe more!


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If you have nothing better to do for three minutes and twenty seconds, listen to this. Even if you have something better to do maybe, it’s pretty good.


And we promise, a video is coming soon, in true Oddwalk styl- er, swag, I guess…

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