Oddwalk Ministries

Why Choose Oddwalk?


What do you need at your event? Entertainment? Catechesis? Evangelization? Spirituality?

Who do you need: Prayer leaders? Presenters? Weavers? Emcees?

All of the above?

Oddwalk Ministries can do all of that and more. We have accumulated a broad range of experiences and developed many various skills – over 5 years of Oddwalking – that will only benefit your event, no matter which roles you need us to fill.

You have many choices to make when planning your events:

images-1What are the goals of this event?

Who would we like to attend?

How do we use our resources (people, funds, etc.) to best effect?

Such questions can be nearly endless. The variety of well-honed gifts that Oddwalk can bring to your event and the people of God we wish to serve might just answer most or all of them. Through music, storytelling, activities, humor, and plain old fun, Oddwalk can help to make your event a success.

Do you need fun entertainment or evangelization? We’re your guys. Something deeper, for catechesis or prayer? We can do that too. Spirituality or theology? We challenge people of all ages to think deeply about their faith and to find hope in the challenges it presents. Someone to tie all the pieces together? That’s us as well.

And while not our favorite topic, we should note here too that we are cost-effective – we believe in keeping Oddwalk affordable, and being put to work. When you hire us, you have us for the day (or however long you choose) – please, put us to work! The second and any additional days after the first are half-price! Have us fill multiple roles, whatever you need us to do. We come to your event to serve.

For the variety of various roles we can fill, just visit our “What We Do” page, or watch the brief promotional video below. Still have questions? Please contact us! We look forward to being partners in the mission of Christ with you and all the people of God.

View our brand new promotional video!