Oddwalk Ministries



Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka

Show me a gateway.
Show me a better way to live
and I will follow you forever
Show me a gateway.
Open the doors wide enough
And I will bring the whole world with me.

I can just see you waiting there to hear those magic words Ahhhhhhhhhh!
Let me be today and then tomorrow I will make a brand new start.                 
Who am I kidding?  And who can I fool?             
Cause when I look in the mirror                          
I see you looking back at me, looking back to hear me saying:

I know I must change Lord, but I’m frightened just to take those little steps.  Ahhhhhhhhh!
What if I can’t make it?  What if I’m not strong enough inside?
Yes Lord, I want to.  I want to follow you.
But it’s so hard to reach for something I can’t see.
Your looking back at me as I pray:

Oh Lord, everyday, I’m gonna try to be more like you.
To live my life the way that you did.
Sometimes I wander from the trail and I never seem to find my way back
Good Lord, it’s during those times that I get on my knees and I say
Yes I get on my knees and I pray.

© 2001, Shannon Cerneka

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