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May God Bless and Keep You (Far Away From Me)


By Orin Johnson and Shannon Cerneka

There is a reason for everything,
God has a plan for us all
We’re poor and we’re rich, but we each find our niche,
Whether we’re big or we’re small.
But sometimes God’s chosen people
Can’t seem to see eye to eye.
In these moments, I’m told, it’s best not to be bold,
But rather say this prayer in reply:

May God bless and keep you, May God bless and keep you,
May God bless and keep you Far away from me.
May God bless and keep you, May God bless and keep you,
May God bless and keep you Far away from me.

Sometimes, even in our Christian workplaces, we can find these sorts of people:

The nosy secretary, that faithful parish magistrate,
And we all re-a-lize that the true power lies
Where only quilters congregate.
Then there’s the new seminarian eager to share the truth he’s found.
When such as these suck out the joy, Though well meaning, they annoy!
So let our prayer now loudly resound:

We are as one in God’s Spirit; we are as one in the Lord.
Yet sometimes we’re led to a feeling of dread
By someone who just can’t be ignored.
Sometimes there’s one certain person, who just can’t seem to get along.

Orin: And whenever it’s you… Shannon [interrupting]: Hey, it might be you too!

Orin: The guy who never showers.
Shannon: The guy whose breath smells like bleu cheese.
Orin: There’s this one guy I know, who eats the yellow snow.
Shannon: There’s this one guy with dandruff and fleas…

Orin: The guy whose guitar sounds like a dying giraffe.
Shannon: The guy with no musical talent whatsoever.

Orin: Shannon, you are a stage-hogging waste of human flesh with a diseased muskrat for a goatee, your voice sounds like a mix between Yoko Ono and a blender – on pureé , you’re ugly, stupid, annoying, and I wish you were never born!

Shannon: (Stunned, then weeping)
Orin: I’m sorry, man.
Shannon: I’m sorry too…
(Both hug. After the hug lasts a little too long:)
Shannon: Let go of me.
Orin: Okay.

We know there’s pain in our differences, this pain can keep us apart.
While we build up our walls, Our God to us calls
Saying we should have a true change of heart.
There is a reason for everything;
God has a plan for us all.
So until we reach that day, when God shows us the way,
We’ll sing these words we fondly recall:

© 2009, GIA Publications