Oddwalk Ministries

Chickenwire Joe


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka

Come along and sing my song about a man named Chickenwire Joe
He loved the Lord and he struck a chord with his yodeling long ago
And way up in the hills you can hear the people singing
And dancing with their yodeling buddy Joe

Chickenwire Joe, Chickenwire Joe
And all around the land his name was known
Chickenwire Joe, Chickenwire Joe, Chickenwire Joe
Yodelayee, Yodelayee, Yodelayee, Chickenwire Joe

Chickenwire Joe had a brother Moe, a fiddler in his day
And they would go from town to town to find a place to play
And when the people of the towns would hear that they were near
They’d gather and they’d dance the night away

The brothers, they would travel; a yodeling, fiddling pair.
The audience would all let go and dance without a care
Nothing else could match the joy that filled the brother’s hearts
But the love that always seemed to fill the air.

© 2009, GIA Publications, Inc.