Oddwalk Ministries

Jammin’ With Jesus


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka

Everybody wonders what’s going on.
Everybody’s worried ’bout the state I’m in.
You see I’m happier now than I’ve ever been,
‘Cause I know that Jesus is my best friend.

Well people think I’m nuts and I’m going insane.
I’m jumping in the streets, I’m dancing in the rain.
I can’t believe this feeling just come over me.
Just a minute with Him and I’m sure you’ll agree.
Once I thought my life was falling to pieces,
But I’m alright now cause I’m jammin’ with Jesus.

Nobody knows me better than Him.
He’s got His arm around me when my future seems grim.
Well, He’s the rock that makes me strong,
And it’s in His church that I belong.

I can see His light shining through your eyes.
He can see through any little clever disguise.
He’s calling us all to take His hand and go
Spreading His word to everyone we know.

© 2009, GIA Publications, Inc.