Oddwalk Ministries

Let the Children Come to Me


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka

No more feeling lost no more feeling afraid
No more wondering if you’re going to get through the day
Jesus came to the earth to bring light to the world
And all we have to do is open up our eyes

Let the children come to me.  (WHO?)
Let them follow where I lead (WHERE?)
Let them never say that I went away. (DON’T GO!)
Let the children come to me

They should never doubt that I am always there
Even if their lives seem too much to bear
They are made in my image, they’re creations of love
We have to give them the courage to face their fears and rise above

An angel came to Mary when she was a girl
“you will be the Mother of the hope of the world
you’ll be filled with the spirit of the Holy One
With you God has found favor and you shall bear His son”

© 2009, GIA Publications, Inc.