Oddwalk Ministries

Show Us the Way


Words and Music by Shannon Cerneka and Orin Johnson

Clothed in our stories; They’re all that we own.
Just like the fishermen, to the unknown
They were called, they were chosen.  They were the people of God.
Broken and lonely, desperate and weak;
Through the eyes of the world our futures look bleak.
But we are the chosen.  We are the people of God.

With love you came
To call us by name
Show us the way.

Called to be leaders, but humble to start
We’re told to have faith and just lead with our heart
But who’s going to follow when we’re not sure we know the way
Our jagged edges are hard to ignore
We seek perfection, but always fall short
Each of us struggle to carry our cross every day

The road is long.
Lord, help us be strong.
Show us the way.

Nothing’s the same after yesterday’s storms
Everything changes, all is reborn
Life comes from places where death seemed to have the last word
We are disciples, we are the light
Called to bring hope to those caught in the night
Moved by the wind, by a Spirit that begs to be heard

Spirit of Light
Spirit of Love
Show us the way

Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit
Holy Spirit come!

© 2008, GIA Publications, Inc.

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