Oddwalk Ministries

Teenagers in My Car


Words by Shannon Cerneka and Orin Johnson
Music: “Ghost Riders in the Sky” by Stan Jones

Teenagers in my Car (parody of “Ghost Riders in the Sky”)
By Shannon Cerneka and Orin Johnson

Douglas Corby cringed the day they asked him to appear.
Fear and doubt ran through him as he watched the day draw near.
His local parish youth group needed one more chaperone
To take the yearly ski trip – his future was unknown.

What have I done, what did I do,
teenagers in my car.

They all met at the parish on a Friday afternoon;
Which of them would be his riders he would find out soon.
He never thought who rides with whom would matter all that much,
But when the moment came to leave, he marveled at the rush.

Douglas wasn’t ready for the ride that he endured,
Seven hours of Jonas brothers left his senses blurred,
A great relief went through him as they finally arrived,
Those teenage girls had done their best… but he was still alive. (to refrain)

Everybody seemed to feel the trip was a success.
Out of all the chaperones, the kids liked Douglas best!
So you can surely understand their shock and sadness when
He joined the monastery and… was never seen again. (to refrain and final refrain*)

© 2009, GIA Publications
Original Tune: © EDWIN H MORRIS & CO;
© 1949 (Renewed) EDWIN H. MORRIS & COMPANY, A Division of MPL Music Publishing, Inc.