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Happy Oddiversary to Us!


imagesWhenever Orin and Shannon are asked about Oddwalk’s origins, how we met, etc., we find ourselves using language as if we’re talking about a wedding or a marriage.  While that analogy is certainly more different than it is like, Oddwalk is certainly about relationship and relationships, and it is a day to celebrate just that!

Exactly 5 years ago, Oddwalk performed it’s first appearance billed as Oddwalk, at the New Ulm diocesan junior high rally in Hutchinson, MN.  This was the first time Orin told his  “hands int he air” story… well, a lot of firsts that day. With all of the typical ups and downs, it’s been a great five years since that day, and there are many more great days that lie ahead, we hope and pray!

In 5 years, we’ve traveled to 23 states and across the border a few times, recorded 4 CDs, been published by a major Catholic music publisher, performed (and then been invited back to) several national conferences… and much more.  We’re grateful for how God has blessed our ministries, allowing us to do so much over just five years, all while keeping full-time ministry jobs at home, along with wives and families and so much more.

The traditional 5th anniversary gift, the internet tells us, is wood, the “modern” gift being silverware. We don’t really think we need either of those… So, if you see this somewhere on the internet (our oddblog, facebook, etc.), how about just a nice comment, email, etc. about a memory you have of Oddwalk over these last five years?

Thanks to all of you too for supporting us this half-decade!

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