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NCCYM 2016 Videos


This past weekend, Oddwalk was invited to take on several roles that exemplify the things we find important in our ministries, at the National Conference on Catholic Youth Ministry in San Jose, California.  We are grateful for these opportunities, whether it’s leading prayer, encouraging audience participation, making people laugh, or commenting on our retreat ministry.  Here are a few videos of those moments.


First, here we are, with Shannon’s wife Erin, singing a prelude before the Saturday morning mass, a piece by Orin titled “To Know Darkness,” published by GIA Publications and on our “Walk Away Different” CD.


Next, here we are talking a bit about our retreat ministry at a “Great Ideas” session later that day.


But a highlight for us of these NCCYM weekends is the “Youth Ministry Extravaganza” — a chance for folks like us, who “do what we do,” to thank the youth ministers (and others) in attendance and hopefully feed their souls through, among other things, humor.  We relish the chance to create original “set pieces” for this night (previously “May God Bless and Keep You,” “Songs We Should Never Record” and others); this year, thanks to an idea from our friend Erin Brennan, we created a segment where we pretend to be covering the Games of the XXIII Liturginerd Olympiad.


For a couple extra “goodies” related to the Liturginerd Olympics, click here! Thanks San Jose and the NFCYM for a great conference, see you next year at NCYC!

Oddwalk and Our New CD Feature Article


On March 4, we and our new CD Mercy at Work were featured in a news article in the Catholic Missourian, the newspaper of the Diocese of Jefferson City, MO. The story talked at length about the music on the new CD, and how it shows a side of us that some people aren’t aware of, at least as much as they might be aware of our silly and fun side. Thanks to editor Jay Nies for the write-up. A few ways to check it out:

To visit the webpage of the article (at least for now), click here!

To see a pdf of the article as it appeared in the papers, click the photo or click here

PreOrder Our New CD!


CDcoverart2015Friends! We’re coming out with a new CD later this fall, and are very excited to bring you 10 new tracks of music (and a couple bonus tracks of music) very soon!

We’d like to ask you to consider preordering the CD — You’ll save some money off the eventual retail price, and be first in line to get your copy.  We’ve set up a couple other perks, such as getting your new CD defaced with our signatures, buying bulk quantities, and even a couple ways to hire us for significantly less than our normal rates to support the CD.

For information on how to order or hire us, please visit our preorder page: oddwalkministries.com/mercyatwork — and please share this link!  Preorders must be in by November 15 – act now!

To see lyrics and hear sample clips of all tracks, click here!

Oddwalk CDs on Sale!


Hey everybody! Now through December 15th, if you purchase both the “Walk Away Different” and “Alright Now” CDs through our website, we will take $5 off the original total price. Normally $30 together, right now you can get them both for only $25 plus shipping!! Check it out: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?page_id=2873 Don’t forget to check out our…

New CD a-Comin! “Alright Now”


Oddwalk’s newest CD is coming your way later this fall! “Alright Now” will be our second CD with GIA Publications, and will highlight our fun and silly (but still mostly sacred) side. “Walk Away Different” (our first CD with GIA) focused mostly on our liturgical music, but did include some of our favorites like “Get…

Little Star Creations


Hey everyone, Shannon here.  My wife Erin has created an online store at Etsy.com called, Litte Star Creations.  While she only has a few items up right now, more is planned very soon.  As some of you may know, Erin makes diaper cakes, burp cloths, t-shirts, baby slings, hair bows, and just about anything she…