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Oddwalk and Our New CD Feature Article


On March 4, we and our new CD Mercy at Work were featured in a news article in the Catholic Missourian, the newspaper of the Diocese of Jefferson City, MO. The story talked at length about the music on the new CD, and how it shows a side of us that some people aren’t aware of, at least as much as they might be aware of our silly and fun side. Thanks to editor Jay Nies for the write-up. A few ways to check it out:

To visit the webpage of the article (at least for now), click here!

To see a pdf of the article as it appeared in the papers, click the photo or click here



Today, I(Shannon)am heading to the metropolis of Russellville, MO for a service/retreat camp called Christpower. This program, an idea started in St. Louis, MO several years ago, will gather 49 teens from around the Diocese of Jefferson City for a week of service and deepening of faith. I will serve as the Music Coordinator. Our…