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Hey Everyone! Here are some pictures lifted from recongress.org, the official site for the L.A. Religious Ed Congress: This picture comes from our workshop presentation at Youth Day. Apparently, Shannon is making some soul-stirring point: These pictues come from the liturgy we helped with on Saturday evening. This liturgy featured the music of Chris De…

LA Congress Concert Photos


Here are a couple photos of Oddwalk in concert with Paul Melley Sunday at LA Congress.  Thanks to new Oddwalk friend (and concert backup singer) Katie Mojica! The whole spread.  That’s Paul, left & singing, Chris de Silva at the piano, Gary Daigle behind Shannon, then Orin, next Katie (red skirt), and another backup singer…

LA Congress Update 3


Lots of pics – A couple pics of how GIA is featuring us this weekend at their large display. Guess who else is here this weekend? Mary Rice Hopkins, composer of Matilda the Gorilla! Shannon had a chance to meet her and get a CD autographed. We sang in a choir for mass featuring the…

LA Congress Update 2


So, I'm not sure which photo will show up where, hopefully you can tell them apart. One is Shannon showing off our booth in the exhibit hall, the other is the main arena (which seats about 8,000) from the perspective of the choir risers just before the opening prayer ceremony. After that service, we sent…

LA Congress Update 1


Emailing this from Orin's phone – let's see how this works… Oddwalk had a very successful day 1 – youth day. We played for about 500 people totalm had a great time, and got out a good message (we think) about vocations. We got our exhibit hall booth mostly set up, rehearsed for the opening…