Oddwalk Ministries




From their website: “You will get ears, big ears. Because FEEDBACK understand themselves on the rock´n´roll of the hard school equally as on rather contemplative tones. . . . [One of the band’s members is] arch abbott Notker wolf, who resides since September 2000 as abbot primate, the highest representative of the world-wide 24000 benedictine…

pOddcast – Mexican Café


Now on the pOddcast: “Mexican Café” – as recorded on the CD “Shannon Cerneka” released in 2001. This is perhaps the first ancestral Oddwalk moment, and certainly the first recorded one. If you need help with the complicated lyrics, click here. You can find the podcast on all our various websites, look for the pOddcast…

Miriam Nina Furao Xiu Taff


Congratulations to Jason and Corinne, friends of Orin and Erin’s, who have finally met and “taken custody” (not sure in what leagal sense yet) of their new daughter, adopted from China. You might remember we had a post or two about her and the process a while back. Please keep this newly-50% larger family in…

Turn Away From Sin


…and be faithful to the Gospel. Or, put another way, give up what separates you from God, and put your trust in your Christian community, Jesus’ cross, and his new creation. As we all hopefully are aware, the penitential season of Lent begins today, Ash Wednesday, this year February 21. The season of Lent is…



Hey! We’ve changed the the title of the sidebar area over our audio posts to “Audio / pOddcast” as it turns out we’ve been podcasting this whole time. Whee! In retrospect, we should have figured this out sooner, and maybe some of you already have. To subscribe to our podcast, click the (you guessed it)…