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Revised USA/Canada Wager


Well, just like last year, we’ve got a revised wager with Clay Imoo after Oddwalk lost round one.  Let’s just say if USA doesn’t win the gold in Men’s hockey, there will be a keytar-licious rendition of “Oh, Canada” coming your way, eh?

You’ll recall last year we got out of our initial loss when the Canucks lost in the second round of the playoffs… Will we be so lucky this year? Only time will tell – go USA!

1 comment for “Revised USA/Canada Wager

  1. Roberto El Birdo
    February 26, 2010 at 12:27 pm

    Will Orin have to dress like Lady Gaga while playing “O Canada”? Or will Shannon, dressed like Lady Gaga (you posted the picture),keytar sync while Orin plays “O Canada” in the background. Come on, if your going to make a wager make it good!!!

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