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USA v. Canada – Women’s Hockey Wager


Well, we’re back at it again with Clay Imoo, our Vancouverite friend. (Remember our betting rivalry from last year, beginning with this post?) Our first wager of the Olympics: Women’s Hockey. Our teams are scheduled to play one another for the gold medal at 4:30 local time on Thursday. USA won their last game against Sweden 9-1, canada beat Finland 5-0, so it promises to be a good match.

If Team USA wins, Clay will post a video of himself singing our national anthem (in english) wearing red, white & blue, and if Canada wins, at our next appearance, we’ll end all our non-stage time sentences with “eh?” and post a video of that!

Once again, we know who the real winner will be after all of this: no one.

And again, any posts related to such things will be filed under “baseball” to show we really care.

Oh, and to make this post worth anything at all, here’s a pic of Lady Gaga playing a weird keytar (it appears the actual playing is probably that guy in the bottom left though). Thanks to Michael K for the pic!

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