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Youth Sing Praise 2009


jcsHey everyone, Orin’s got a busy 10 days coming up at the Shrine’s annual Youth Sing Praise.  This year’s production is “Jesus Christ Superstar” and is not to be missed.  Saturday, June 27, 7pm, Shrine Amphitheater.  A couple friends of Oddwalk are on staff this year – well, heck, they’re all our friends, but we wanted to point out Anne Marie Cribbin and faithful Oddblog reader and commenter Marianne Cline (and we mustn’t forget Orin’s wife Erin!) as extra-special.  : )

Shannon and fam are out camping, so updates may be a little thin for a while, but Orin will try to update during the weeks rehearsals, prayers, etc. and I’m sure Shannon will have an Aiden update or two.  Wish us luck, and pray for a successful week!

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