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Catholic Schools Week 2011: By The Numbers


Snowpocalypse! Snowmageddon! Snowtorius B.I.G.!

Mostly due to the colossal blizzard that swept across the country, here’s a statistical wrap-up of our Catholic Schools Week in Toledo and Metro-East St. Louis:

Shows successfully performed: 3 of 9
Flights rebooked: 4
States we visited, not expecting to: 2 (Indiana, Michigan)
States we didn’t visit, expecting to: 1 (Texas)
Airlines flown unexpectedly: 1 (Delta)
Cars rented unexpectedly: 1 (Chevy HHR)
Lessons learned: Avoid American Airlines and ORD at all costs
Hours in hotel: 58 over 3.5 days
Crappy movies watched in hotel: 2
Good movies watched in Theater: 1 (“The Rite”)
Stay tuned, we hope to put up soon a few pictures from the three shows we did get in!

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