Oddwalk Ministries

First Time Visitor?


So, we’ve been tipped off to a conversation (or two) about us and our ministries at a Southern Illinois Catholic website/blog, soilcatholics (we’ll let you all Google it if you care to visit).

Welcome, first of all, to visitors to our site directed here from a link over there. Please, look around and find out more about us, the sorts of things we try to do, how we share the Gospel, and importantly, why we try to do any of it at all.

For the what and how, I might recommend watching a 8:45 length video we just made: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?page_id=3793

As far as the why, perhaps that’s summed up in the story of how we came to name our group: http://oddwalkministries.com/oddblog/?page_id=3348

We humbly thank you for dropping by! Enjoy your stay here at Chez-Oddwalk!

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