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New pOddcast, pOddcast Updates!


Well, shame on gcast – they’ve shut down the uploading of new audio, and hence our pOddcast, at least in that iteration. Bah.

But – we’ve already got a new pOddcast set up, right here through WordPress! We’ve posted the player to the bottom of this post too (probably won’t show up when this gets ported over to facebook and such though).

Here’s the direct link to the new pOddcast page on the main site.

Your iTunes subscription, if you had one, is now dead, but we should get a new one sometime soon, we’ll update you all when that happens, hopefully.

For now, here’s that player we promised, and a pretty rough version of our new Lenten song, “Fill Us, O God” – enjoy!

Fill Us, O God (2/10/10) – A new Lenten song from Shannon and Orin


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