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About Visitor 40,002


Well, #40,001 did not step forward to claim the big prize so it’s on to #40,002. Here’s what we know:

• Visited our site from in or near Hyattsville, MD
• At 10:09 Eastern time
• From a windows machine running Firefox at screen resolution 1920×1200
• Came to our site from a facebook posting
• Visited several pages while dropping by (thanks!)
• May have something to do with the Catholic Legal Immigration Network
• Or maybe a theological college nearby?

(It’s a bit frightening how much we can easily find out, isn’t it? And we’re not even Facebook or Google!)

So, this person now has 24 hours to identify him-or-herself. If not, the $40 merch prize will go to visitor 40,003, and we already know who he is! So, a winner in the next day for sure. Thanks again for visiting!

1 comment for “About Visitor 40,002

  1. Matthew Robaszkiewicz
    February 20, 2012 at 10:20 am

    Yeehaw! Do I really get to win a prize?! Awesome…

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