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Visitor no. 30,000 was searching for…


Big Brother is watching you.

… an inflatable keytar. Yes, that’s right. Our potential winning visitor hails from perhaps the Stanford Medical School and/or Redwood City, CA, and at 2:15pm pacific time, came to our blog while searching google for “inflatable keytar” – no kidding.  See more incriminating stats to the left.

So, should this person identify themselves in the next 24 hours – expiring at 3pm Thursday, pacific time – they will receive their prize, $30 of Oddwalk merchandise of their choice.  Just drop an email identifying yourself to oddwalk@oddwalkministries.com. Unfortunately, we don’t carry inflatable keytars in our store – perhaps we should. We have used one before though for keytar appreciation day a few years ago.

The winner of the inflatable keytar on keytar appreciation day, 2007

Anyway. If this person can’t claim their prize, we’ll move on to visitor #30,001 and on until we find our winner. Stay tuned – if you didn’t win yet, you just might! And, there’s always the hope for a giveaway at visit 40,000!

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