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Thanks, Keaton!


Friends and neighbors of Orin’s, the Ibendahl family, recently celebrated with the oldest daughter of the family, Keaton, as she received her first communion. Her and her younger brother Chapin saw Oddwalk last year at their school – and Orin’s neighborhood parish in St. Louis – St. Margaret of Scotland. They didn’t have any Oddwalk CDs at the house, so at Keaton’s party, Orin and Erin gave her both CDs we’ve done now with GIA (the top two at that link).

Well, a few days ago, Orin and Erin got this cute thank you in the mail!

Is there no sweeter way to fall asleep at night than with the Oddwalk classic, "Jammin' With Jesus"?

1 comment for “Thanks, Keaton!

  1. Elise (aka Mom)
    May 21, 2010 at 11:52 am

    She really does listen to them EVERY night. And in the car. And during lunch. And when friends are over. You get the picture….my kids are Oddwalk Groupies!

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