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Recording Sessions Update (Pic and Vid)


So, our studio time with OddDrummer Rick is going very well. We’ve got good starts on finishing up the basic tracks on about 3/4 of the pieces or so, and we have more time coming up Wednesday and Monday, so things seem well in hand.

Our friends at Popple are also working on a new album in the studio, and are using nifty technology to stream live their time in the studio (as reported in an earlier post).  There’s a difference though between their CD and ours. Theirs is being recorded from scratch in the studio, but ours is already mostly recorded at live gigs over the last year or two. So while they’re doing a bunch of singing and playing, we’re mostly doing a lot of listening, and quick editing on the computer, or quick overdubs on vocals, or keys, etc.

This is why we’re not live streaming, even though we could, just the same way Popple is. You’d be rather bored with the whole proceedings.  But, just so no one feels a little left out, here’s a pic of the goings on – truly, you could simply imagine it’s a video with the sound turned down, there’s not much difference:


"Wait, can I hear that tenth-of-a-second in the bass line again?"

Or, if you’d rather see an actual video, here a quick sample of Orin adding in some vocals to a never-before-recorded song, “Dance in the Sight of the Lord” – be warned though, it’s just barely more interesting than the above pic:

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