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Feast of St. Cecelia, Nov. 22


Here is the text of a message sent out by NPM:



On November 22 the Church keeps the memory of the third-century virgin and martyr Cecilia who is honored as the patroness of music.  Today’s Memorial of Saint Cecilia reminds us of the marvelous ways in which music—especially the music of the liturgy—reveals the beauty of God and lifts the human spirit to God.  In these days of warfare, economic hardship, and concern for the future, music raises our spirits to experience the profound hope to which God summons us. 


On his eightieth birthday, following a concert of music by Mozart, Gabrieli, and Dvorak, Pope Benedict XVI reflected on the profound impact of music on our lives and on its power to transform the world.


Music, said the Pope, “really is the universal language of beauty which can bring together all people of good will on earth and get them to lift their gaze on high and open themselves to the Absolute Good and Beauty whose ultimate source is God himself.

“In looking back over my life, I thank God for placing music beside me, as it were, as a travelling companion that has offered me comfort and joy. I also thank the people who from the very first years of my childhood brought me close to this source of inspiration and serenity.

“I thank those who combine music and prayer in harmonious praise of God and his works: they help us glorify the Creator and Redeemer of the world, which is the marvelous work of his hands.

“This is my hope: that the greatness and beauty of music will also give you, dear friends, new and continuous inspiration in order to build a world of love, solidarity and peace.


Blessed be the music makers!  Happy Saint Cecilia Day!

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